Social plan meeting Concentrix

In December 2023 Concentrix informed us that there was going to be a reorganization and that jobs were going to be lost. This concerned work for client Nike, not the work on the 3rd floor. Concentrix explained their plans to us, they also wanted to make agreements to mitigate the consequences for employees who lose their jobs by means of a social plan.

Social plan

In a redundancy plan, trade unions and employers make agreements about what agreements, measures and provisions are in place for employees who lose their jobs. Such as the termination fees, but also rules on redundancy and reinstatement.

Trade unions CNV and FNV are negotiating with the employer about this social plan. If there is a result, it is put to the members for a vote. All union members working at Concentrix are allowed to vote. If the majority of the members vote in favor, the social plan applies.


We can imagine that you also have questions about the reorganization and the social plan.

That is why we are organizing a digital meeting via Teams next Thursday at 20:00. If you want to participate in this meeting, you can register by sending an email to I will send you the link to the meeting. This meeting is therefore about the reorganization at the Nike account and is intended for those whose jobs are at risk.

I received the first draft of this social plan from Concentrix last Saturday. We are going to talk to Concentrix about this. We do want this social plan to also apply to any other reorganizations that may take place in the future.

Do you have questions, mail to

Issues Tulp account

Regarding the issues at Tulp, a survey is currently still ongoing, this investigation is in response to issues at Tulp. But other accounts can also complete the survey. As far as the issues at Tulip are concerned, we will continue to follow Concentrix on these matters. Click here for the research: Survey Concentrix

Roderik Mol
Officer CNV Vakmensen