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CNV Vakmensen is an independent trade union who protects the interests of employees working alt contact centers. In April we have held a survey at Concentrix Amsterdam: the outcome was very disappointing. We discussed the outcome with Concentrix and they promised to improve their management on how employees are treated en helped. We now give you a chance to let your voice be heard and to give your true opinion.

Survey outcome

In April we have held a survey among employees at Concentrix Amsterdam, in particular the third floor. The outcome was very sad.

  • 92% of the employees answered the question whether Concentrix is a pleasant and safe work environment negatively;
  • 84% does not feel safe raising issues openly with management.
  • Only 4% received a quick and adequate answer to their questions to Concentrix about salary slips and other matters;
  • 92% indicates that promises and agreements made before the start of employment have not been fulfilled.
  • 88% does not understand pay slips. 


In May we discussed the outcome with Concentrix, and in this discussion Concentrix admitted that things went wrong but they improved things. Concentrix stated that they have taken measures like replacing the management. And they have taken additional measures to improve the well-being of employees. Questions of employees about salary slips or other questions would be answered more effectively.  They also stated that your work scheduling would be more employee-friendly in order for you to have a better work-life balance.
As we want to check how things are going now, you can fill in our survey once again! This way, we can compare both the outcomes. Please share this survey as much as possible with your co-workers! We will not reveal anybody’s name so you can safely tell us your opinion.
Click here to fill in the new survey.

Contact us

if you have any questions about work and scheduling or your contract, feel free to e-mail me with your questions: If you want to express your opinion about the collective labour agreement for Contactcenters, please go to this page: Cao Callcenters | CNV Vakmensen

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