CNV Vakmensen reaches a CLA principle agreement with NXP

Zoals toegezegd in onze nieuwsbrief van 21 november zou er nog een Engelse versie volgen. This is the English version as promised.

Principle agreement NXP CLA 

Friday night, November 18th, we reached an principle agreement. The CLA principle agreement will be presented and discussed with the CNV members on December 6th both digitally, and physically in Nijmegen between 12.00 and 13.00 o’clock. The link to the MS Teams meeting, and furthermore the exact location of the physical meeting, will be sent to you when the accommodation is booked in Nijmegen. 
You will also receive a voting link. Voting will be open until December 8th. As a member of CNV Vakmensen you will always have a final say!
Because of the two actions at the gate, CNV Kader-members made sure that all parties stayed on track and kept on moving towards a good result. In the discussions with NXP, CNV Vakmensen kept the balance between the factory workers and the office workers in mind. This balance is to be seen in the result of the agreement. 


Since the beginning of the negotiations CNV Vakmensen pointed out that NXP makes billions of profit. Besides, stockholders receive a high dividend and the orderbook is overbooked. Money is made at NXP. That is the main reason we stated that employees deserve a part of it. When you add up the structural part, the bonus part and the one time payment you can state that we succeeded in achieving this for many employees. 

Thanks to the CNV Kader members group

We like to emphasize that the good results have been reached with the help and efforts of the CNV kader members group. Therefore we like to say thanks to the kader members for their support. 


As stated before, you will receive a short message soon, about the upcoming members meeting and the voting tool. Please note the time and date in your schedule: Members meeting: December 6, around 12.00 - 13.00 o'clock. Do you have questions, or remarks, please visit the NXP page on our website: Cao NXP | CNV Vakmensen

On behalf of the CNV Kader members group,

Arjan Baselmans, negotiator at CNV Vakmensen
M 06 4782 6869 /


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