As CNV Vakmensen we had a couple of video meetings with your employer Booking and also a delegation from your works council. In these conversations we discussed together with the other unions the expected impact of the intended decisions of your employer Booking. Booking informed us that they want to offer a VLS and Social plan in October to the employees.

The role of CNV Vakmensen as a union is to see, if the intervention is unavoidable after an assessment by the works council, how we can best accommodate the social and financial aspects for the employees involved. The subjects where:

CNV Vakmensen would like to help you in this Corona-time. So this is the moment for you to join our Union CNV Vakmensen:

  • A voluntary departure scheme and a solid social plan for forced lay offs.
  • If you lose your job: money for your development & training to get you to a new job, for example with help of
  • An offer for employees with a temporary contract.
  • A decent severance pay in either case, also clearity on bonus and share scheme
  • Legal and /or financial help paid by Booking
  • Help with relocation / immigration issues / 30% ruling

As CNV Vakmensen we want a robust voluntary departure scheme and a Social plan for Booking employees. We would like to know from all our members what your wishes are. So we can as CNV Vakmensen negotiate the arrangements shortly.

This includes knowing your wishes /demands and being able to bring them up in negotiations. We want to be ready to negotiate because we understand very well that extra time can in itself be beneficial to arrive at an informed decision by the company.

We as CNV Vakmensen will wait for the company and works council, but we will negotiate the best possible Social plan and voluntary leave options for you.

Let us know what you think about a decent severance payment, training & development money, etc. If the VLS and Social plan are negotiated, then it’s your turn as an employee to vote for or against the Social plan by being a union member of CNV Vakmensen. So don’t wait for this moment, because it can be soon to make this very important choice.

Erik Maas,

Marten Jukema,