CLA negotiations ING and Christmas Market

The end of the year is rapidly approaching. The last weeks of December are notoriously busy in any company. Most of us like to have Christmas and New Years off, and spend the holidays with family, friends and loved ones. ING staff is not excepted We understand that the work pressure is high and you are working towards your holidays. We would have loved to present you with the gift of a shiny new CLA before the current one runs out. We are not ceasing our activities and are working really hard to change ING’s mind. But it does not look like we will succeed in time.

Christmas Market on 20 December 2022

The Unions want to close off 2022 memorably. That's why we invite you to ring out the year with us with Glühwein, “oliebollen” and a general Christmas atmosphere. We will put up a Christmas tree, in which you can hang your Christmas wishes. We cannot organize this in every ING location so the Christmas Market is in Amsterdam in front of the Cedar head office. But ING staff outside Amsterdam, ING houses and offices in Leeuwarden, Rotterdam, Ede and the rest of the country are important for the trade unions as well. So on December 19th, 2022, we'll be asking everyone to do something that will help make December 20th a day to remember. Keep an eye on your mailbox that day!

Looking back

In 2022, ING staff stood up together to defend the collective interests of employees for the first time in history. A lot of you are feeling the effects of the two-year zero payrise, the many cutbacks in secondary working conditions, sky-high inflation and hence the decline in purchasing power. Some are standing up for themselves, and others also in solidarity with their colleagues. You are ING together.

  • Some 1300 employees contributed to the whitepaper
  • 6,766 employees signed the petition
  • About 1,000 employees attended union meetings in Amsterdam and Leeuwarden
  • And countless employees spoke up and still speak up clearly on the intranet and Yammer.
  • Never before have so many ING employees expressed themselves so clearly in public.
  • This is historic and significant!
  • What have the trade unions done? We have listened carefully to you and your colleagues, we have joined forces, organized activities with you, conveyed your opinion to ING and to the outside world.

We have also made it clear that we want to solve the solution in good consultation with ING.

  • We are working with ING to prepare for the new pension legislation. These consultations are conducted in a spirit of good atmosphere and mutual respect.
  • Trade unions have regular meetings with ING, where issues that are important for employees are raised and solved.
  • In order to move the CLA forward, we have asked the independent chairman of the CLA negotiations to advise parties. This conversation took place on December 9. We are now awaiting the opinion of the chair.
  • And because we are concerned about the state of affairs at ING, we have asked the Supervisory Board to intervene. You can find their response in the attachment.

Looking forward

In 2023, we're going to continue our efforts. Trade unions have a two-track policy on collective agreements. Track 1, our preferred track, aims at good constructive consultation with ING. But we have to take into account that the situation with ING is different and that we are at a dead end. So we're also working on track 2, if ING doesn't change its attitude, then we’ll change track and we move towards less than friendly methods. If a CLA is not reached in 2022, our tone will need toughen up in 2023.

Celebrations first, and an opportunity to exchange views

We would like to celebrate with you that you have stood up for yourself and your colleagues this year. That ING is still a great company, because the employees make the company so beautiful, not the board of ING-Group or the distant shareholders. And let’s agree that 2023 will be an even better year, with a new ING CLA. As trade union leaders, we would like to have a conversation with you to get in touch on a personal level, and to hear from you what you expect from us next year and to answer any questions that you may have. We will also ask you to fill in an idea box - next year is looking to be a year of actions and all your input and ideas are very welcome indeed.

So do join us on 20 December

Date         : Tuesday 20 December
Time         : Between 11:45 and 14:15
Location   : Cedar Amsterdam

How can you contribute

Attend our action on the 20th of December. Change your profile picture on ING intranet/Teams/Yammer and LinkedIn with the picture in the attachment. Should you not have a LinkedIn profile then consider creating one for the purpose of showing your support for the union negotiators externally. Become an active member and inform your team, department and colleagues to join to. For the latest news on de cla negotions ING, please visit our cla-page: Cao ING | CNV Vakmensen

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